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Meet Gigliotti guitar player Joe Bonamassa

Joe Bonamassa & Gigliotti GT with new headstock
  Photo by Jim Moody

A guitar player since the age of four, Joe Bonamassa is a virtuosic musician with mind-blowing dexterity. BB King discovered the 12-year-old Bonamassa, sparking the beginning of his career. "Joe’s potential is so great that he hasn’t begun to scratch the surface," King later told an interviewer. "He’s young, with great ideas. He’s one of a kind, a legend before his time." Bonamassa would go on to tour with King as well as with John Lee Hooker, Albert Collins, and many, many others.

Among echoes of BB King, Albert King and Stevie Ray Vaughan are elements that are all his own. At critical junctions, Bonamassa launches into unexpected, body-rocking new scales, riffs with finger-cramping flurry, securing his place among fellow young guns like Robert Randolph and Derek Trucks. With this kind of ongoing growth and incredible talent, it’s clear that Joe Bonamassa is one of the most exciting young artists in music.

Joe Bonamassa & Gigliotti GT with new headstock
  Photo by Jim Moody  

Joe Bonamassa on Gigliotti guitars

I've been amazed by these guitars since the first time I played one. They've been great in the studio and on the road. They're road ready instruments, consistent, powerful and always in tune - only feeding back when you want it, which is saying a lot for this type of guitar. Day in and day out they're ready to play.

The fans love them too. People are constantly asking me about them. I can't see it when I'm playing, but they tell me that, under the stage lights, the guitar looks like it's on fire! They've never seen anything like it. I get so many questions I've started handing out cards for Gigliotti Guitars.

My tech Bryan never has to tune these guitars, they always sound great and they have a unique balance metal to wood that give them there own sound and feel. In my opinion it is just a matter of time before they are as big as PRS, cause simply they are just better than anything being made right now. I am just honored to be playing them.

   -- Joe Bonamassa
(Joe Bonamassa plays a Gigliotti GS and a GT Special)

To learn more about Joe Bonamassa, sample his music, buy his CD's or check-out where Joe is playing around the country, visit the Joe Bonamassa web site, www.jbonamass.com.

Innovative design

Nicole Fournier & Gigliotti GT
  Nicole Fournier with her new Gigliotti GT  

Gigliotti Custom Guitars has developed a unique design, something special, that you will find nowhere else. By combining special chambers with an innovative metal plate insert, laminated into the guitar face, we have created a well balanced and incredible sounding instrument for the serious guitar player. With incredible sustain throughout its entire register, your Gigliotti electric guitar will lift you to a musical plateau you never knew existed. And these guitars look as good as they sound!

Explore our world

This web site will help you explore this brave new world of guitar design. The "Guitars" section introduces you to the models available, with plenty of pics and specs. You can even view a 3-D display (approx. 390KB) of the Gigliotti GT Standard electric guitar. While you're here, you can learn a little more about us, the construction process and how to order a Gigliotti electric guitar of your own.

Gigliotti Custom Guitars was created to share these amazing instruments with the world. We strive for premium construction and quality service. We will gladly answer all of your questions. So have a look around and then let us know what you think. Add us to your "Favorites" list because you'll want to watch as we grow and change.

Joe Bonamassa with Gigliotti GS
  Photo by Garth Close

Experience us

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"We sold a guitar to buy the mahogany tobacco burst Gigliotti... rather than taking our chances placing an order after this article was published."
- ToneQuest Report, February 2004
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