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Tone Test Time We tested the tone of the Gigliotti by plugging it into a ’70s Fender Twin Reverb for clean sounds and a Laney VC-30 212 for a crunchier edge. Through the Twin, the bridge pickup had that fat, punchy “Tele” sound with the mids slightly pulled back, allowing the highs to ring clearly. The metal top added a metallic/resonator flavor to the mix, and a degree of snap to the top-end in all pickup positions. The middle pickup position was fairly distinct for this style of instrument. It was more silky-sweet, almost as if it were blended with a piezo. Through the overdrive channel of the Laney, the bridge pickup delivered a dishful of meaty sound, with good, thumpy low-end. The slightly pulled-back midrange gave the guitar clean note definition and a clear, strong power-chord tone. Both the volume and tone controls were tapered well, allowing us to clean up the sound at the guitar, and soften the tone. Overall, Gigliotti guitars are another great example of a quality custom instrument in which the parts and materials complement each other very well. And with the dozens of options available with the neck, hardware, wood, pickup, top, and the finish, there’s bound to be a Gigliotti for just about anybody!

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