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The Gigliotti Special is a lot more than just another guitar inspired by a classic design. Rather, it’s a unique-looking custom instrument that sounds as good as it looks. Builder Patrick Gigliotti’s (pronounced Jill-au’ tee) two variants, the Standard and the Special, share a feature that separates them from other guitars – a metal insert that serves as the guitar’s top. Dubbed the “Gigliotti Voicing System,” the company says the patent-pending insert “…lets these tops resonate like a fine flat-top guitar, giving beautiful tone with or without an amp.” The top aside, the instruments are semi-hollow, single-cutaway guitars with mahogany or swamp ash bodies, mahogany or maple necks, and top inserts of brass or aluminum. The top on our test unit is brass, with a brushed-look dark cherry sunburst finish that sports a rich, holographic texture. Its body and neck have a deep reddish-brown color with a flawless gloss finish. The gold hardware, including the bridge, dome knobs, Kluson-style tuners, and neck pickup cover top the eye-catching looks of the guitar.

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