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Guitarist: Joe Bonamassa

Photo by: Chris Marksbury
    - CM Photos

I have had the pleasure of having Joe Bonamassa play guitar on several of my songs and getting to know him through music and photography the last few years.

When I first saw Joe's Gigliotti guitar during the Blues Deluxe sessions I was blown away ! I have had guitars built for me, I know the process and what it takes to make a quality instrument [Joe has some of the very finest - without a doubt.]

As a photographer I think they are certainly some of the most fun guitars to shoot - they seem to somehow change at every angle, every time the lights bathe them with different colors, it's really fascinating.

They are absolutely some of the most interesting and original instruments on the market !!!

And what a sound Joe commands from them, very pleasing to the ear, cutting through the mix but with bell-like clarity and lots of warmth.

Every guitar player should call and order one, I think - I'm saving up !

Chris Marksbury
CM Photos

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