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Guitar: Gigliotti GT, Aluminum Swirl top, Mahogany body, Maple neck with Maple fretboard, black to red burst finish

Guitarist: Mel (aka Little Eddie) from Everett
    - Little Eddie and The Bad Kitty

Photo by: Bad Kitty

Mr. Gigliotti,

That's a bummer that all of your emails were lost in December! The one I wrote to you was on my husband's birthday and we were hoping to hear back from you so we could buy one of your we know why we didn't hear back until now. But we do appreciate your response today.

As Murphy's Law would have it, just yesterday, we bought one of your guitars that was for sale at Guitar Center in Seattle. My husband saw it on eBay, saw that it was being sold locally, went to take a look at it, and bought it! I've attached a picture of him with it so you could see which one we have. There is no serial number on it that we saw.

Even though we just bought a GT (??), we were still interested in finding out about the GS. What type of headstock will it have? Do you have a picture or drawing that we could see. We would like to see it before ordering. Do you have a show room or some way we can see the various guitars in person?


Jeri-Beth and Mel


We love our Gigliotti GT guitar and we recently ordered a blue GS like Joe Bonamassa's. Joe is awesome and we are glad we got to see him up close and personal at Jazz Alley on December 7, 2005. Otherwise, we wouldn't have been able to see the name of the maker of the guitar he was playing that we loved the tone of...the Gigliotti GT! Then we met Patrick over the phone and the rest is history!

Jeri-Beth and Mel

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