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Bringing it all together

Innovative design

The Gigliotti 'GT Custom' w/ Cherryburst vintage finish
Low light pic, move mouse over image to see "glow effect" of bright lighting.

The Gigliotti design is so new and innovative that we can't share too much about what's inside, but you will hear and see a difference in these guitars!

All Gigliotti electric guitars have a beautiful acoustic sound. This is because the construction is similar to an acoustic guitar. Think of how the top is attached to an acoustic guitar, set into a ledge created by the sides of the guitar and the internal braces. That's how the tops are done on every Gigliotti electric guitar. Only instead of being glued, the metal top is siliconed in place and locked to the center block by the bridge, so the top rings like a bell. Also, all our machine work is done from the front, so that a solid feel is maintained.

To hear a sample jazz, country, blues or rock track,click here!

"The metal top added a metallic/resonator flavor to the mix, and a degree of snap to the top-end in all pickup positions."
- Vintage Guitar Magazine®
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Besides producing an incredible sound, this design produces an equally amazing look. The brass or aluminum tops are water jet cut and finished to create the distinctive brushed or swirl pattern, then flush mounted into the face of the guitar. This unique combination of materials produces a ringing tone that no other instrument can match. The metal plate insert, with its brushed or swirl pattern, catches and reflects the light, producing a constantly changing, mesmerizing look. With every move, the look of your Gigliotti guitar changes, giving you unsurpassed stage presence. With stage lighting, these guitars come to life! Under bright lights, the brushed or swirl pattern can channel light under the paint, giving the finish a glowing appearance. The image at right was taken under low light, to see the effect bright light has, move your mouse over the image.

You can learn more about Patrick Gigliotti and his breakthrough guitars, by reading the ToneQuest Report interview and review of the Gigliotti GT Special,click here!

Hand crafting

The Gigliotti GS in a tobaccoburst tri-color finishAll of our woodwork is handled by USA Custom Guitars. They hand select the Honduran Mahogany & Swamp Ash tonewoods that become the guitar bodies and the fine Honduran Mahogany, Maple & Rosewood that is crafted into the guitar necks. They carve the innovative semi-hollow tone chamber and the ledge into the body that allows the flush mounted installation of the select metal tops. The bodies are CNC top machined and everything is sanded by hand in craftsmanship style. For more information about the quality craftsmanship of USA Custom Guitars and see custom options like neck profiles, visit their site ...

Quality finish

The finish of each Gigliotti guitar is handled by the pros at Roxy Guitar Finish. Between them, they have many years of experience in spraying custom guitar finishes and have finished around 7200 bodies and 8600 necks in their careers for different companies. They use a polyester base coat and polyurethane for the color and topcoats. The finish coats are kept as thin as possible so as not to affect the tone of the instrument. Using a "hotbox" raises the temperature, accelerating the drying process, and avoiding finish shrinkage. They do amazing work and offer you more than 60 finishing options in clears, satins, solids, tints, dyes and sunbursts. For a sample list of colors available, click here! To learn more about Roxy Guitar Finish and see a complete list of finish options, including digital images of sample colors, visit their site ...

The Gigliotti 'GT Special' in black
We're changing ...

Precise assembly

Assembly and setup are by Service Guitar Repair. They hand carve each bone nut and use only the best electronics. They've been in the biz for 10 years and they're part of the reason each guitar that we make, comes to you playing and sounding like a million bucks.

All for one price

Although many people and several specialized businesses play a part in the construction of your Gigliotti guitar, you pay just one price, the one we quote you. Even if you select additional options or custom work for your Gigliotti guitar, you pay us the quoted price and we take care of everyone else.

Shipped directly to you

After your Gigliotti guitar is completed and passed inspection, it is placed in a deluxe hardshell case, carefully packed and shipped to you.

We start working on your Gigliotti guitar after we receive a 50% deposit. Currently, orders are taking six to eight weeks from receipt of deposit to completion and shipping.

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