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The Gigliotti Custom Guitars Pro Team

Gigliotti electric guitars w/ Mt Rainier
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The development of the Gigliotti electric guitar is the result of Patrick Gigliotti's (pronounced, Jill-au`-tee) unique experiences combined with an entrepreneurial spirit. Pat's lifelong interest in guitars began with his first guitar in 1967. Over the years, Pat has worked with wood, metal, painting, finishing and guitars.

In the mid-70's Pat learned about stains and lacquers while working in his dad's cabinet shop painting kitchen cabinets and pre-hung doors. He also started painting cars for extra cash. During the 80's he spent some time pulling steel for naval ships at a local boat building company and continued painting for extra money. He painted cars at night and houses on weekends to support his family. In 1989 he started his own business, painting houses full time.

Around 1995, Pat went to a vintage guitar shop to buy a guitar for his son's birthday. He met Joe Riggio and bought a used guitar. Pat decided it would look better with a new finish. He painted it "Lake Plasic Blue" and it looked great!

Gigliotti Electric Guitar w/ Tobaccoburst finish
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He took it back to Joe to have it setup. Joe thought it looked so good thathe asked Pat if he could do some of their guitars. The money wasn't that good, but Pat had always loved guitars, so he started painting guitars when he had the time. He enjoyed working with the different guitars and over time began to learn more about what made a great guitar.

Around 2000, Pat began thinking about creating his own guitar. He wanted something unique, something no one else had. He also wanted something classic, he wanted a vintage look. His experiences working with wood, metal, finishing and guitars lead him to design the Patient Pending system for top attachment - combining the classic look of the 50's with the future!

With the help of Tommy & Andy at USA Custom Guitars, they created the first Gigliotti electric guitar, crafted from fine tonewood with a metal top. Not a purely decorative top, but one integrated into the guitar face. This first guitar was fitted with a smooth aluminum top. The combination of the wood body, integrated metal top and special chambers produced a unique tone - something different than any other guitar they had heard.

"Patrick Gigliotti will be recognized for having created inspiring works of art that you will really want to play"
- ToneQuest Report, February 2004
Read the review!

Pat got more than he expected. Not only did he love the amazing sound of his guitar, but so did everyone else that heard or played it. People started telling him they wanted one and, "Hey, you can sell these!" Pat realized that he had created something special. He began looking into patenting his design. Along the way, he developed the distinctive swirl pattern and later the brushed-look, that makes a Gigliotti guitar as incredible to look at as the sound it produces.

To hear a sample jazz, country, blues or rock track,click here!


Today the woodwork is still handled by USA Custom Guitars. They hand select the fine Honduran Mahogany & Swamp Ash tonewoods that become the guitar bodies and the Honduran Mahogany, Maple & Rosewood that is crafted into the guitar necks. They carve the innovative semi-hollow tone chamber and the ledge into the body that allows the flush mounted installation of the select metal tops. The bodies are CNC top machined and everything is sanded by hand in craftsmanship style. For more information about the quality craftsmanship of USA Custom Guitars and see custom options like neck profiles, visit their site ...

Painting & Finishing

That first Gigliotti guitar was painted by Pat. Now, the finishing duties are handled by the pros at Roxy Guitar Finish. Between them, they have many years of experience in spraying custom guitar finishes and have finished around 7200 bodies and 8600 necks in their careers for different companies. They use a polyester base coat and polyurethane for the color and topcoats. The finish coats are kept as thin as possible so as not to affect the tone of the instrument. Using a "hotbox" raises the temperature, accelerating the drying process, and avoiding finish shrinkage. They do amazing work and offer you more than 60 finishing options in clears, satins, solids, tints, dyes and sunbursts. For a sample list of colors available, click here! To learn more about Roxy Guitar Finish and see a complete list of finish options, including digital images of sample colors, visit their site ...


Assembly and setup are by Service Guitar Repair. They hand carve each bone nut and use only the best electronics. They've been in the biz for 10 years and they're part of the reason each guitar that we make comes to you playing and sounding like a million bucks.

AnswersThe Gigliotti 'GT Standard' Electric Guitar w/ White finish

We will answer all your questions about features and options, assisting you from first contact, to placing and filling your order, to shipping and beyond. Our job is to help you! Write to us at: Gigliotti Custom Guitars.

All for one price

Although many people and several specialized businesses play a part in the construction of your Gigliotti guitar, you pay just one price; the one we quote you. Even if you select additional options or custom work for your Gigliotti guitar, you pay us the quoted price and we take care of everyone else.

To learn more about Patrick Gigliotti and his breakthrough guitars, read the ToneQuest Report interview and review of the Gigliotti GT Special,click here!

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